DIY Penny Weighted Bookmark

Penny Weighted Bookmark! 

The smell of a new book is a-maz-ing. A whole new world to explore!

I don't like cracking the bindings of books, especially new library books. Weighted bookmarks come in really handy! They work well with cookbooks, too.

This is a fun, easy, useful DIY for kids, teens and adults. Might be a good gift to make for Mother's day or Father's day?

  • 22 Pennies 
  • Scissors
  • Plain Duct Tape
  • Decorative Duct Tape

Roll out a length of plain duct tape. Lay your pennies in two rows. Use the adhesive lines to keep them as even as possible.

Cut an equal length of tape. Carefully place the tape over the pennies. 

Trim the tape all the way around the pennies.

Cut a piece of decorative duct tape, slightly longer than the plain duct tape. Lay the duct taped pennies on the adhesive side of the decorative duct tape.

Cover with another piece of decorative duct tape. Use your fingertips to press all edges together.

Now your book will stay open! All it took was some tape and $0.22 :-).

Hey ...

I haven't been crafting much lately. That's because this has become my most-used room:

Because this has been keeping me good and sick:

Baby Boy due by June 2017! Mike and I are calling him Gandalf the Grey for now. Yes, that's a Lord of the Rings reference. 

Morning sickness has been, in a word, terrible. The Unisom + B6 combo has been a lifesaver! My sister told me she never had any morning sickness with any of her kids. Must be nice. ;-). Love you, sis.

I've been having fun collecting free goodies. Here's the Target Baby gift. All you need to do is make a registry and ask for the baby bag at the customer service counter. My favorite coupons are for 20% off maternity clothes and the BOGO Starbucks drink. Plus you'll receive a 15% registry completion discount 8 weeks before your due date:

And here's the Amazon box. You have to be a Prime member, go through a rigorous registry exercise and buy $10 of items from your registry. You'll be eligible for the box after your $10 worth of items have been ordered and shipped. I ordered a box of Amazon baby wipes to fulfill the buying requirement. Like Target, Amazon also has a registry completion discount on select items. 10% off for non-Prime members, 15% off for Prime members. The muslin wrap is being sold for $12.99 and the Oball for $4.99. The baby wipes are full size:

Hope my baby likes Avent bottles hahaha.

Mike and I have waited so long for little Gandalf. Can't wait to meet him and give him a real name :-).

Printable Valentine Round up!

LOVE LOVE LOVE these free printables from my bloggy friends! 
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Leftover Wedding Favor Valentine Gifts

Helping Hands is a non-profit in Shakopee. It collects donations from the community and puts on events every 2 or 3 months where people in need can freely take what they need, no questions asked.

We received a donation of wedding decorations and favors. They were perfect for making little Valentine gifts to hand out!

Most of these favors were originally purchased at the Dollar Tree and are still available (per the website).

We filled the bottom of six-inch glass hearts with fake petals. Then we filled the dress/tuxedo boxes with candy.

We glued flowers to the tuxes. Then filled the heart with the rest of the items - bubbles, small candles, candies etc. They're wrapped in clear plastic treat bags from Uline and tied up with curling ribbon.

We also filled tall clear vases with candy and wrapped those up, too!